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netMeter N1 Device Only

netMeter N1 Device Only

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NEXTLab netMeter is a cloud-native comprehensive solution for testing Ethernet, network conditions. It offers a range of features, including Throughput tests, various IP-based tests such as network packet capture and ping test, and more!

  • nPerf Speed Test
  • IPTV Test
  • Ping Test
  • Trace Test
  • iPerf3
  • Network Emulation
  • Packet Capture
  • WAN Info
  • LAN Scan
  • Export Data
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  • nPerf Internet Speed Test

    Powered by nPerf, netMeter allows users to conduct reliable TCP Throughput Tests from anywhere in the world, leveraging over 2,000 nPerf Speed Test servers globally. Users can perform tests with a maximum throughput of 1Gbps in both directions, either automatically selecting the nearest server or manually choosing servers from a desired country/location.

  • IPTV Streaming Test

    netMeter facilitates the assessment of Quality of Service (QoS) for IPTV services transmitted via MPEG2TS over RTP, enabling users to register and join multiple multicast channels. During testing, it measures crucial metrics like IGMP Join Delay, ETSI TR 101 290 1st Priority, and Media Delivery Index (RFC 4445) to gauge the performance and reliability of the broadcast streams.

  • iPerf3

    netMeter supports iPerf3 and offers both Client and Server modes. In Client mode, netMeter connects to iPerf3-compatible servers to conduct Network Throughput Tests, while in Server mode, it provides Network Throughput Tests to all iPerf3-compatible clients.


    netMeter supports sender mode and responder mode for TWAMP Light. In Sender mode, it provides TWAMP tests to all responders satisfying RFC 5357 TWAMP Light specifications, while in Responder mode, it connects to senders. By running two netMeter devices, end-to-end TWAMP tests can be conducted.

  • Packet Capture

    Through mirroring, netMeter collects bidirectional packets exchanged between the network and the connected physical device. These collected network packets are stored in PCAP files and can be saved to netMeter Cloud or USB Flash.

    Specification: file size limited to 100MiB.

  • Ping Test

    netMeter supports the emulation of network packet characteristics sent to the physical device. This includes the ability to emulate delay, loss, and bandwidth, with the flexibility to apply multiple metrics simultaneously.

  • Traceroute Test

    netMeter incorporates the widely used traceroute functionality, enabling users to trace network paths and visualize routes to destinations.

  • Network Emulation

    netMeter supports the emulation of network packet characteristics sent to the physical device. This includes the ability to emulate delay, loss, and bandwidth, with the flexibility to apply multiple metrics simultaneously.

  • WAN Info

    netMeter provides detailed information abou network connection. This includes Link Status, DHCP Status and External IP information.

  • LAN Scan

    Through LAN Scan you can identify and catalog the names, IP address, and MAC addresses of devices within a network. This feature helps network administrators monitor and manage devices on the network.


    netMeter provides LLDP/CDP. LLDP includes system name, chassis ID, port ID, Device info, VLAN info.

    CDP, developed by Cisco allows Cisco network deivces to share information.

  • PDF Export

    netMeter's Cloud Native Platform allows data collection and management. You can export your test results via PDF or CSV file.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Experience the convenience of our handheld-sized device, weighing only 180g. With its durable silicone cover, it's built to withstand the rigors of on-site use, making it the perfect companion for any demanding environment.

Versatile Network Testing in a Single Device

NEXTLab netMeter N1 combines a wide range of network testing capabilities into one compact unit. Our solution is designed to handle diverse network testing scenarios, all within a single, easy-to-use platform.

Simple and Easy

NEXTLab netMeter N1 offers a straightforward testing process that caters to both inexperienced and expert technicians, ensuring ease of use without compromising effectiveness.

Cloud-Native: Enhanced Data Accessibility

With all data centralized, quickly identify root causes through data-driven decision-making, facilitating seamless management.

Flexible Integration: Seamlessly Integrates into Your System

Adaptable integration ensures a comprehensive solution for network and service validation, tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an App?

This is a web service, which means you can see your test results on your phone, iPad, or PC. You can even control netMeter remotely at your office while the device is on-site.

How do I check my data?

All measurement records are stored on our server, and you can view them in the App. Click on 'History' menu at the top right of the App, and you will see the detailed records for each function and date. You can also export the data and generate report.

What are your warranty plans?

For a period of one (1) year after the date of receipt of the Products, if there are manufacturing defects, the Customer is eligible for free repair. For details, please see our warranty policy.

Do you offer enterprise plans?

Of course. Send an inquiry email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let us know what you need. We can discuss integrating data into your servers or additional features that your team may need.